‘Caladrius Project: Researching the Human-Animal Bond’


Roman mythology describes the Caladrius as a white bird able to recognise illness in man. The bird would carry the disease up close to the sun, and disperse it before descending back to earth.

Science has highlighted how modern detachment from nature can be detrimental to our well-being. This place offers free access to my research on the benefits of birdwatching, which can be extended to any contact with wildlife. Caladrius Project promotes mindful nature immersion, with both human and animal welfare in mind.

My work certainly is the result of knowledge gained over the years, but above all, it’s born from personal experience and a true passion for wildlife.

Below is a hyperlink to the PDF file to download my research, which you may also read online by visiting the Full Study tab.

Caladrius Project

Who is this for?

Everyone, and especially: Animal Assisted Therapy facilitators; people working in the healthcare and educational sectors; students; birders; conservationists; animals and wildlife enthusiasts; anyone wanting to dig deeper in the benefits of the human-animal bond.

Animal Ethics

Caladrius Project prioritises animal welfare. Any activity involving or around animals needs to be carried out with respect of that particular animal (or group of animals) in mind. As Caladrius Project aims at nature immersion, animal ethics will be applied by keeping proper distance, observing quietly and avoiding any interference with the natural world.

How to use this website

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